Mobile Friendly Websites

Is your website Mobile Friendly?

With the growth of smartphone ownership throughout the world, having a mobile friendly website has never been a more important part of your online presence.  According to Google in some countries the number of smartphones has surpassed the number of personal computers.

Are you missing potential customers?

Search engines such as Google, give greater priority to mobile optimised websites when users search on a mobile device such as a smartphone.

Why have a mobile friendly website?

In addition to missing out on search result listings, a desktop version of a website may be difficult to view and navigate on a mobile device.  Users are required to zoom in to read text and move the screen around to find content and navigation links.  This can be time consuming and frustrating, where as a mobile-friendly version is readable and immediately usable, making it more likely that a potential customer will stay on your site rather than going to a mobile friendly site of one of your competitors.

According to Google, 94% of people with smartphones search for local information on their phones, even when they access to a desktop computer at home or work.

How do you start to make your existing website mobile friendly?

Making your website mobile friendly could be as simple as purchase a responsive theme for your website, or you may need to make manual changes to update your website yourself  if you have the knowledge and skills, alternatively, you can use our mobile friendly conversion service.

We will optimise your website to make it mobile friendly by reviewing your existing site to establish what needs to be done.

Depending on the work required and the technologies currently used within your website, we may recommend starting from scratch and building a new website.  If this is required, we are currently offering an Old to New Site Service.

Old To New Site Service

  • Create a new website using the popular WordPress content management system
  • Brand the site using you existing website branding
  • Transfer all content from your existing website to your new mobile friendly website
  • Transfer the hosting of your website if required (first years hosting is free)

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Old to New Site Enquiry

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